Features of the modern process of evaluation of motor oils References

Особенности современного процесса оценки моторных масел


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A.L. Chudinovskikh 1, D.V. Boykov.2

(1JSC firm «NAMI-CHEM», Moscow, 2PJSC «Avtodizel» (YaMZ), Yaroslavl)

Keywords: internal combustion engine (ICE), engine oils, classification, evaluation methods, certification.

Abstract. Changes in the design and parameters of modern internal combustion engines in order to achieve high economic, environmental, and other indicators lead to a tightening of the operating conditions of engine oil. Engine oil is an integral part of the internal combustion engine and from the point of view of modern views is positioned as an engine part. Currently, all internal combustion engine oils are generally tested, classified and evaluated according to generally accepted criteria and parameters. Without specifying and analyzing a whole layer of materials related to research, testing, evaluation of motor oils accumulated over more than a century, the article briefly discusses some general aspects of the classification and evaluation of oils for automotive equipment in leading foreign countries and the Russian Federation