MELANGETM technology of the bitumen production in one-stage without oxidation

УДК: 665.71; 665.775; 665.775.4; 665.637.88; 665.6.03; 665.64; 665.65; 504.75.05

DOI: 10.32758/2071-5951-2021-1-4-36-39

Suyunov R.R., Laser M.I. (SC «CTK-EURO», Moscow)

Технология MELANGETM одностадийного производства битума без окисления

Keywords: bitumen, heavy oil residue, physical effects, MELANGETM


The innovative technology MELANGETM allows produce of the bitumen in one stage with the required properties, according to the technical request of the Customer, from the heavy oil residue basis on the use of physical and induced by them chemical processes.

In this case, the main physical processes are heating and homogenization of various heavy residues upon heating, that is, mechanical mixing, almost to an ideal state, in parallel with the addition of a polymer capable of forming long spirals and chains in dispersed media.

The experimental work was the basis for the trial production of bitumen according to the European standard BDS EN12591: 2009, which was successfully implemented using the MELANGETM technology at the LUKOIL Neftochim Burgas AD refinery (Burgas, Bulgaria). The heavy unreacted fluidized bed hydrocracking (VTB) residue of the Axens France H-oil process was used as feedstock.

Based on the results of experimental work and the basis of confirmed data from the Customer, a patent of the Russian Federation No. 272118 » Method of producing road bitumen from a heavy residue» was issued.

MELANGETM technology allows solving the problem of utilizing low-margin heavy oil residues, including unconverted residues from high conversion of oil residues, into high-margin products such as road bitumen and bituminous binders.