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Publication Rules

Rules of articles publication
The scientific and technical magazine WORLD of OIL PRODUCTS. The Oil Companies’ Bulletin invites to cooperation in articles and advertising publication. Materials are published as the Editor receives them. In case of an urgent publication, a paid service is available.
To be accepted are articles in a printed and electronic form, in the latter case the article should be accompanied by a control print (both the text and the graphics). Text of the article should be printed with two lines spacing on one side of А4 paper with page numbering. The size of a single publication should not exceed 15 pages including tables, illustrations and source list. Presence of the abstract and keywords in Russian and English languages is obligatory.
Special attention to be paid to graphics, e.g. design of datum lines and latin letters. Using measure units please adhere to the international system of units (SI).
The article must be accompanied by a covering letter, which should include title of the article and FULL NAMES of authors, their places of work, postal addresses, phone/fax numbers and personal signatures of all the authors. It is necessary to specify the author with whom the editorial board could negotiate and correspondence regarding the publication of the article.
Parts of articles can be presented on CD ROM, CD-RW, in the form of compressed files. The size of the raster files should be minimized when possible. Before sending data authors must make sure that all data to be sent can be normally read from its media.
The text is accepted in Rich Text File (*.rtf) file format, graphics either in vector Encapsulated Postscript file format (*.eps), or raster Tagged Image File (*.tif) with a resolution of at least 300 dpi. All fonts in vector images must be converted to curves.
Transfer the data by email to the address neftemir @ rambler . ru
In the textual body of the e-mail message the exact name of the uploaded file (files) with the extension, as well as the size of all attached files should be stated. In case of large amount data transfer it is recommended to split the message into multiple messages, notifying the editor about this.
The materials represented in other types or kinds than above specified are subject to be accepted only by editor’s permission, obtained preliminarily.
The Editorial Board kindly asks its dear authors to consider when articles writing, that main ideas claimed in these articles should be understandable to specialists of oil refining and petroleum chemistry working in different fields and having different levels of skill. For this reason, and also in order to prevent difficulties at the editing process, please do not complicate and overload your articles excessively. You should also keep in mind that you cannot duplicate the data in text, tables and figures. The terminology of any article should be common.
Publication of articles in our journal will provide industry professionals with the results of scientific and practical work of your enterprise. Be careful, avoid publishing unverified results.

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