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Ershov M.A., Emelyanov V.E., Klimova T.A.
Comparison biobutanol to other oxygenates Keywords: biobutanol, bioethanol, MTBE, ETBE, oxygenates market, gasolines with oxygenates
Oxygenates - most common oxygenated high-octane gasoline additives. Among them bioobutanol, produced from renewable raw feedstock, is considered very promising. The article presents an analysis of the production and use of oxygenates in Russia and abroad, and also given technical and economical evaluation of biobutanol, as a component of gasoline, among other oxygenates.
Mitusova T.N., Khavkin V.A., Gulyaeva L.A., Kalinina M.V.,Vinogradova N.Ya.
Low−freezing diesel fuels roduction
Ways being considered to increase production of Euro_class winter nd Arctic diesel fuels by addition of hydrocracking and catalytic ewaxing processes into the refinery schedule. The process of catalytic dewaxing is simple in design and can be used at existing ydrotreaters.

Khutoryanskiy F.M., Maltsev D.I., Gotsanyuk A.P., Tsvetkov A.L., Snigirev V.L., Bodnarchuk Ya.P., Domracheva A.A., Krayushkin A.P., Goyev M.M.
Integrated Chemical−Technology protection against corrosion of condensation and refrigeration apparatus of atmospheric towers at primary distillation and vacuum distillation units. Performance analysis and recommendations for improvement
Keywords: crude oil alkalization, corrosion inhibitor, corrosion, monitoring, neutralization, desalting of crude oil.
The effectiveness analysis of oil preparation processes at the desalter block and chemical_technology corrosion protection of atmospheric column K -1 K -2and8 equipment of the ELOU- AVT-8
unit at the LINIK CHAO is given, as well as recommendations for process optimization.

Tikhonov A.A., Khairudinov I.R., Akhmetov M.M., Telyashev E.G.
Prospects of petroleum coke drying at delayed coking units
Keywords: petroleum coke, moisture, dewatering, screening, centrifuging, thermal drying, drum dryers, vortex drums.
The article studies the state and the technical level of the process of coke dewatering at delayed coking units. The results of the pilot studies of the coke dewatering process intensification using surface-active substances are given. The analysis of different methods of dewatering and drying in coal industry, aimed at decrease of the moisture of various coal fractions similar to petroleum cokes, is given. It is shown, that the combination of screening and centrifuging in coke treatment systems of delayed coking units permits to provide decrease of total coke moisture to 5–6%, which will eliminate the danger of coke congealing during consumer loading and decrease transport expenses.

Zeynalov E.B., Abbasov V.M., Efendiyeva L.M., Agamaliyev Z.Z., Nuriyev L.H., Aliyeva L.I., Nasibova G.Q.
Catalytic Activity of Naphthenates of the Transition Metals in Reaction Aerobic Oxidation of an Oil Fraction
Keywords: oil hydrocarbons, liquid phase oxidation, naphthenic concentrate, naphthenates, catalytic activity, rate of oxigen uptake, synthetic petroleum acids.
Some aspects of the process of naphthenic-isoparaffin concentrate fraction of 220–350°C a mixture of Azerbaijan oils liquid-phase oxidation in the presence of Cr and Ni naphthenates have been extensively studied. The mixture of Cr and Ni naphthenates taken in the ratio 3 : 1 exhibits higher catalytic activity in comparsion with that of taken separately and leads to 20% yield of synthetic petroleum acids. It has been shown that Cr naphthenate is the most active catalyst for the degenerated oxidation chain ramification. However, these salt catalysts during the reaction are actively interact with the intermediate reaction products, which deviate significantly their activity order. The importance of the mode of a catalyst preparation has been specified in the paper.

Chernova K.V., Agishev R.V., Poletaeva O.Yu., Katrich N.M.
Remove oil from barn of oil sludge
Keywords: mineral oil, oil sludge, emulsions, magnetic treatment, mechanical impurities.
Over several decades of exploitation of oil pumping stations and refineries appeared ponds to clean up oil waste waters. The authors propose to use a magnetic field to separate emulsions and remove oil component of the oil sludge. Experiments have shown that the magnetic field by ferromagnetic coagulation can be removed and petroleum contamination as a binding component. Cleaning efficiency of oil products up to 98%. The article shows the calculation of the balance of power for effective ferromagnetic coagulation.

Nigmatullin R.G., Hafizova A.G., Peletskiy S.S., Nigmatullin I.R., Muslukhova E.L., Kostenkov D.M.
Complex indicator of lubricant workability (review)
Keywords: lubricants, quality and workability indicators of oil, integrated indicator, generalised indicator, express analysis.
Abundance of individual indicators and affinity of some of them by physical principle makes it difficult to quickly estimate the workability of an oil. The integrated (generalised) indicators help to solve this problem. The article observes techniques for definition of quality and working capacity of lubricants with use of complex indicators. Merits and shortages of existing techniques are revealed. Authors offer express methods based on generalised indicators to estimate quality and workability of an oil. Advantage of these methods consists in ability to perform express analysis on-place without any expensive equipment.

Emel’yanov V.E., Vyboychenko E.I., Tomin V.P., Tyutrina N.V.
Development of perspective quality standards for petrol on base of EN 228 and Directive 2009/30/EC subject to legislative requirements and Russian economics demand
Keywords: petrol, Directive EC, oxygenates, quality standards for petrol.
In this article are considered development of perspective quality standards for petrol on base of EN 228 and Directive 2009/30/EC

Source: Hydrocarbon Processing, 2011. Translated by A.G. Bubnova
Russian LPG and LNG Markets: New Development Milestones
Deep processing of oil disperse systems: the 6th International scientific and technical Conference

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