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Kapustin V.M.
Innovative development of Russian oil refining and petrochemistry
Keywords: oil refining, modernisation, innovation, deep oil refining, petrochemistry, VNIPIneft.
The heading to modernisation of the industry forces oil refiners and petrochemists to activities towards satisfaction of home market requirements and export of high-grade petroleum products having additional cost, instead of crude oil export. The analysis of domestic oil refining and petrochemistry modern condition is given and planned ways of further development presented.

Tomina A.P.
The methodology for optimization of the strategic potential of oil enterprises on basis of the principles of vertical integration
Keywords: law of vertical integration, vertically integrated companies, the principles of vertical integration, the multiplier value-added, the oftware-task management method, the principle of a unified value chain, the algorithm of the methodological approach.
The article presents the results of the challenges of innovation development of the petroleum industry in Russia. To address this situation the author proposes a strategy of development based on principles of vertical integration in order to address short_and longterm objectives for improving the financial stability and profitability, minimizing the risk of insolvency (bankruptcy).

Ershov M.A., Emelyanov V.E., Klimova T.A.
Bio-butanol: back to the butyl alcohols market
Keywords: bio-butanol, butyl alcohols market.
Interest to bio_butanol is very high during the last years. Many western companies make efforts in this direction. Their main objective is creation of a product which will be applied as environment-friendly component of motor fuels. However, bio-butanol production will necessarily result in considerable changes in the butyl alcohols market.


Irisova K.N., Smirnov V.K., Ponyatkova Z.Yu., Talisman E.L.
Adsorption stage in oil fractions hydro-upgrading process
Keywords: hydro-upgrading, catalysts, metals recovery, vacuum gas oil, adsorption.
An estimation of adsorption processes is done, with some materials observed as raws for catalysts of protective layer of hydrogenation processes. Material tests are performed in conditions of hydrogenation processes implementation with use of model feed and vacuum gas oil samples gained from various refineries. Tests results and considerations outlined.

Valyavin G.G., Zaporin V.P., Sukhov S.V., Gabbasov R.G., Zagaynov V.S., Stukov M.L.
Prospects for development of delayed coking process in Russian Federation and the unconventional use of petroleum coke
Keywords: delayed coking, petroleum coke, sulfur content, coking industry, coal blend, coking additive.
Delayed coking process, one of the fastest growing in the world, increases the production of motor fuels and increase the depth of oil refining. Planned construction of new DCU (delayed coking units) in Russian Federation will not only reduce the deficit in electrode coke, but also significantly increase the depth of oil refining at the specific refinery. However, at the same time raises the question about the directions of qualified usage of sulfur coke. Developed and installed on an industrial scale a technology for petroleum coke production with a content of volatile materials in the range of 15–25% (coking additive), whose introduction into the charge of coking coal can significantly improve the quality of metallurgical coke.

Mustafaev A.M., Guseynova G.A., Abdullaev J.G., Seidov N.M., Askerova A.S., Amiraslanova M.N.
Modifying of propylene oligomers by means of metakrilonitrile and properties of modificats as anticorrosion and antioxidizing additives to oil
Modification of propylene oligomers by means of metakrilonitrile investigated. Optimum parametrs of reaction an inoculation, physical and chemical properties and structure of received modificats are determined. By means of the IR-spectral analysis method nitrile group, which belongs to metokrilonitrile, is revealed in the structure of modified oligomer.


Hutoryanskiy F.M.
Oil trap water-oil emulsions: working out a production design and equipment for their preparation to processing
Keywords: oil trap water-oil emulsions, demulsifiers, equipment.
A principally new way to process resistant oil trap emulsions being shown, providing their effective destruction with allocation of water and mechanical impurities to the residual level, without special problems allowing to involve the gained petroleum product into processing together with crude oil at primary distillation units ELOU-AT (AVT). As a basis of the developed process a way of combined processing of water_oil emulsion is being assumed, combining application of special demulsifiers, thermochemical sedimentation and electric field treatment.

Babaev E.R., Guseynov A.T.
Estimating the microorganisms quantity in samples of oily soils of Apsheron oil field pilot territory
Keywords: oily soils, petroleum products, microorganisms, biological products.
Some physical, chemical and microbiological characteristics of oily soils samples, selected from various parts of pilot territory (1000 hectares) near the international airport of Baku (Apsheron) are investigated. The content of petroleum products in samples of the subsurface layer (5 cm) varies from 5,2 to 12,7%. If deepening the sampling, oil contamination decreases. Presence and directional distribution revealed (the quantitative account) of microorganisms, including hуhydrocarbon_oxidizing, living on various depth (0-5; 0-10; 0-15 and 0-20 cm) in the soils polluted by oil. An aggregate number of microorganisms (105 kl/g) is lower than in absence of oil contamination (106–107 kl/g). The microflora is presented mainly by various kinds of bacteria. Yeast (103 kl/g) and mushroom (103-104 kl/g) microflora is low, however in polluted soils being more than in the pure. The total of bacteria including hуhydrocarbon-oxidizing ones decreases with deepening of the inhabitation. Revealing and estimation of microbiological variety of soils from investigated territories would allow choosing rational methods and ways of polluted soils revegetation, taking into account ecological and climatic specificities of the Apsheron peninsula.

Borodin A.V.
Technology of associated petroleum gas processing, prospects of the target hydrocarbons extraction
Keywords: associated gas, oil and gas equipment, gas processing enterprises, target hydrocarbon fractions.
Topicality of associated petroleum gas processing and also evaluation of technological capabilities of the gas processing enterprises in Western Siberia and prospects for the oil and gas development by the extraction and target hydrocarbons recovery are described.


Bulatnikov V.V.
State standard specification R «Engine fuel. Unique id gasoline and diesel fuels in circulation in the Russian Federation. General specifications»

Sannikov A.L., Sokolov V.V., Izvekov D.V., Ryabov K.V.
On environmental performance measures to improve the technical level of automotive engineering and motor fuels

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