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ACCENT of the ISSUE: product quality analysis of fuels and lubricants

Leontyeva S.A., Gorbatikov V.K., Alatortsev E.I.
Gas chromatography method for definition of oil disperse systems thermodynamic condition
Keywords: chromatography, oil disperse systems, thermodynamic characteristics and parametres, sorption, fuel oil, heavy oil feed.
Crude oil and black oil fuels are oil colloidal systems which properties strongly depend of their thermodynamic state.
In order to determine thermodynamic characteristics of such oil colloidal systems we propose to use the method of the inversed gas chromatography which enables to calculate values of surface free energy, entropy and enthalpy of the oil dispersion on basis of the retention volume.
It is possible to obtain the considerable intensification of oil refining by changing the abovementioned characteristics under the influence of external factors.

Ponadiy O.M., Aksyonov V.I., Emelyanov V.E.
Motor fuels oxidative stability estimation method
Keywords: oxidative stability, induction period, express analyser, ASTM D 7545-2009, motor gasoline, diesel fuel, biodiesel.
The purpose of present research is studying of an alternative method of motor fuels oxidative stability definition by ASTM D 7545-2009. It is a laboratory quantitative express analysis of oxidative stability of mid-distillate fuels, including diesel and biodiesel, in the conditions of accelerated oxidation in more severe constraints, i.e. at a 140-150°С test temperature.

Gureev A.A., Nguen H.A., Gubenkov A.A.
Working out an express method of emulsified bitumens stability estimation
Keywords: emulsified bitumen, stability factor, estimation express method.
Paper is devoted to working out an express method of emulsified bitumens stability estimation on the basis of the stability factor definition at their storage and transportation conditions. The method allows reducing analysis duration and objectively estimating their behaviour in operational conditions.

Krakhmalyov S.I., Shkol’nikov V.M., Taranova N.V., Platonova R.G.
Reproducibility of instrument plastic greases quality index
Keywords: plastic grease, ultimate strength, colloid stability, reproducibility of quality.
Properties reproducibility of plastic greases from batch to batch is an important condition of instrumentation reliability and durability increase. The paper presents possible ways to quality improvement of plastic greases for high-precision and high-sensitivity instruments.

Kapustin V.M., Harlamov A.N., Zabelinskaya E.N.
Hydrocracking oils production at the TANEKO OJSC
Keywords: base oils, isodewaxing, hydrotreatment, deep oil refining.
Hydroprocesses application allows gaining high-grade oils from extremely high-sulphurous, paraffinic, high-tar oil of Tatarstan. Article covers the production engineering design of base oils at the deep oil refining plant of TANEKO complex. In production engineering an isodewaxing technique by the name IsoDewaxing and an IsoFinishing hydrotreatment, both licensed by Chevron Lummus Global are used. Design properties of the resulting petroleum products are presented.

Vasil’yev G.G., Gavrilov N.V., Nakipova I.G., Zheleznov M.V., Talisman E.L., Smirnov V.K., Irisova K.N.
Base oils production using the RK-series catalysts
Keywords: base oils, selective treatment raffinates, hydrotreatment, catalysts, viscosity index.
Testing results of a new modification of the RK-438 catalyst produced the by the Sterlitamak catalyst factory which was given a name RK-438М, have confirmed its good efficiency in getting high viscosity index base oils. Tests have been performed at the pilot hydrotreatment unit of the LUKOIL-NIZHEGORODNEFTEORGSINTEZ research department. For comparison the sample of catalyst RK-438 delivered for loading into the R-1 reactor has been used. Both catalysts were tested in one-stage hydrotreatment process of selective treatment unit raffinates.
The production engineering of this catalyst type is developed by the KATAHIM Company specialists and protected by the Russian Federation patent.

Hutoryanskiy F.M.
Oil trap water-oil emulsions: composition and properties of emulsifiers and mechanical impurities and their influence upon the emulsion stability
Keywords: Trap oils, water-oil emulsions, mechanical impurity, aggregate stability, preparation for refining.
In oil preparation and refining processes stable trap water-oil emulsions are formed, 0.5-1.8 %vol. of processed oil. The problem of involving into refining such emulsions being different from traditional ones is rather actual. Absence at refineries of accessible and effective ways of preparation of these emulsions to refining can be explained by an insufficient level of knowledge in the reasons for their abnormal high stability and absence of special demulsifiers, effective in destruction of emulsions with raised mechanical impurities content. The purpose of the present series of papers being a generalisation of long-term works by the author with employees is filling of this white space in the theory of formation and practice of destruction stable high-watery oil emulsions with big mechanical impurities level.
Papers are devoted to:
• research of aggregate stability of trap water-oil emulsions of treatment facilities;
• studying of composition and properties of emulsifying agents gated out from samples of trap emulsions, and mechanical impurities and their influence upon emulsions stability;
• working out process of preparation to refining the trap emulsions with a raised mechanical impurities content;
• working out special demulsifiers.

Galiakbirov A.R., Garipova Z.A., Baulin O.A., Rakhimov M.N.
Rapeseed oil ethers production method
Keywords: biodiesel, diesel fuel, EN 590, rapeseed oil ester, fuel lubricity, by-products, dividing lube.
Requirements to quality of diesel fuel on EN 590 are shown. The patent review and the analysis of catalysts in manufacture of vegetable oils esters are presented. It is studied kinetics of reactions of rapeseed oils trans-etherification by technical ethyl alcohol with use of various catalysts. The basic technological scheme of producing of rapeseed oil ester is offered. Dynamics of total gathering rape in Russia for 1996-2008. Base data for introduction of the project of biodiesel fuel in Russia is offered.

Emelyanov V.E.
The world market toughens requirements to production technologies of oil products

Attaining optimal visbreaking process severity
/ source: Petroleum Technology Quarterly, Q1, 2010 – P. 49–54. Translated by Korba O.I. /

International scientific-practical conference ”OIL and GAS–2010”
Results meeting Interdisciplinary working group ”COKE–2010”
Oil and Gas Branch’s Steady Development Strategy. The 8th Russian oil and gas congress


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