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8 - 2010


Levinbuk M.I.
About some problems of modernization of an oil complex
In presentation some problems of modernization of an oil complex of Russia and the USA are considered. The main objective of modernization of an oil complex in the USA – creation of new highly paid workplaces (job) in the country, in Russia – improvement of ecological characteristics of fuel and equipment updating that anyhow promotes increase in low-paid workplaces. Therefore in the USA at the heart of modernization – innovative technologies, and in Russia – evolutionary development (import technologies) of an oil complex lie.
By working out strategy of modernization of economy it is necessary to consider the processes proceeding in other countries and which, undoubtedly, will influence prospects of development of refining in the Russian Federation.


Mamedova T.A.
Versions of produсing perspective engine fuels on oil refineries by using alternative stock
Keywords: laboratory tests, biodiesel, diesel cut, vegetable oil, mixed feed hydrotreatment, secondary gasoline fractions refining, methanol, high octane gasoline.
The results of investigation of process of producing ecologically pure engine fuels on the base of oil and alternative stocks – methanol and vegetable oils have been presented. The hydro purification process of composition on the base of oil diesel distillate with different content of unrefined cotton oil has been studied. The possibility of involvement of vegetable raw materials into the process of obtaining diesel fuels with improved quality with simultaneous increase of their resources at the expense of feedstock of non-oil origin has been shown.
Comprehensive scheme of producing of high-octane gasoline on the base of catalytic cracking and low-temperature ennoblement processes has been investigated.

Kuangaliev Z.A., Telyashev E.G., Khairudinov I.R., Kut’in U.A., Rizvanov T.M.
Quality characteristics of the bitumens, used in kazakhstan road building
Keywords: bitumen, quality, standard, road building, low-temperature characteristics.
Quality evaluation of the industrial bitumens, used in Kazakhstan road building in 2009, is given. The quality characteristics of all investigated bitumens are given in the table. It is shown that the road bitumens, produced at TOO “Asphaltobeton (Almaty) and at the Pavlodar NPZ, completely satisfy the requirements of GOST 22245-90 and STRK 1373–2005.
The Iranian bitumen, as well as all other residual bitumens, is characterized by high tensile value at 25 °C and good thermooxidative stability, but the low-temperature characteristics of this bitumen don’t satisfy the requirements of the existing standard of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The low – temperature characteristics of the Chinese bitumen are better. This permits to use the Chinese bitumen in road building in the III, IV and V road – climatic zones.Such characteristics of the Chinese bitumen as high resistivity to thermooxidative aging and increase of brittleness temperature after thin layer heating should be noted.

Grigoryev A.L., Desyatov A.V., Korba O.I., Nagel’ Yu.A., Skorokhodov A.S., Uvarova I.V.
Raise of distillates yield and fuel oil viscosity decrease by affecting with high-voltage pulsing electric discharges
Keywords: shock waves, oil disperse systems, increase in distillates yield.
Data about change in fractional composition as also viscosity of oil and the oil residues under influence of electric impulse excitation are given, its non-linear character detected. PFDs of electric impulse laboratory and trial units working on one- and double-circuit designs are presented. Assumptions of the possible mechanism of high-voltage pulsing electric discharges action on oil and the oil residues in terms of their disperse structure concept are made.

Abdullayeva N.R., Ismailov T.A., Magerramov R.S., Abdullayev E.Sh., Abbasov V.M.
Synthesis and research of antistatic additives on oil acids basis to diesel fuels
Oxyethers and salts of natural oil acids being synthesized, and also complexes of oil acids salts with alkylnitronitrates recovered. Solutions of various concentration of these compounds in diesel fuel prepared and their antistatic properties investigated.


Pavlov I.V., Druzhinin O.A., Melchakov D.A., Moiseyeva T.N., Buryukin F.A., Tverdokhlebov V.P.
Management systems integration at the ANPZ VNK JSC
Keywords: integrated management system, international standards, labour safety, industrial safety, ecological management.
Transition to qualitatively new products and progressive production engineering requires raise of quality management level, labour safety, industrial and ecological safety and, accordingly, raising quality of knowledge in this area. Obviously, implementation of a group of standards as integrated control system appears to be more effective in comparison with an independent implementation of several standards upon management systems. The flexible system approach to questions of integrated management system implementation allows the ANPZ VNK JSC to work in terms of dynamically developing enterprise prospects.

Hutoryanskiy F.M.
Oil trap water-oil emulsions: Working out a surfactant composition – an effective demulsifier for stable emulsions destruction and mechanical impurities removal
Keywords: Trap oils, water-oil emulsions, mechanical impurity, aggregate stability, preparation for refining.
In oil preparation and refining processes stable trap water-oil emulsions are formed, 0.5-1.8 %vol. of processed oil. The problem of involving into refining such emulsions being different from traditional ones is rather actual. Absence at refineries of accessible and effective ways of preparation of these emulsions to refining can be explained by an insufficient level of knowledge in the reasons for their abnormal high stability and absence of special demulsifiers, effective in destruction of emulsions with raised mechanical impurities content. The purpose of the present series of papers being a generalisation of long-term works by the author with employees is filling of this white space in the theory of formation and practice of destruction stable high-watery oil emulsions with big mechanical impurities level.
Papers are devoted to:
• research of aggregate stability of trap water-oil emulsions of treatment facilities; • studying of composition and properties of emulsifying agents gated out from samples of trap emulsions, and mechanical impurities and their influence upon emulsions stability; • working out process of preparation to refining the trap emulsions with a raised mechanical impurities content; • working out special demulsifiers.


Poletaeva O. Yu, Frolov A.A.
Beginning of cracking process development for fuel supply


Extracts from the report of board meeting from August, 18, 2010 / Production and application of domestic competitive catalysts at Russian plants /

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