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ACCENT of the ISSUE: Lubricating oils
Tsvetkov O.N.
Strategic directions of lubricating oil production development in Russia
Keywords: lubricating oils, production and consumption drop, selective technology, motor oils base.
Production of lubricating oils takes in oil refining a rather modest place, however the importance of this products is so great, that specialists and heads of scientific organisations and industrial enterprises discuss for five years at the Production and the market of lubricants of Russia International Conference problems associated with evolution in production engineering and economical aspects of progress in the lube oils market.

Lyubinin I.A., Scherbinina L.A.
Modern state and progress of the lubricants market in Ukraine
Keywords: lubricating oils, plastic greases, lubricating-cooling technological liquids.
In the Ukrainian lubricants market many trademarks of both domestic and foreign producers are introduced. For large consumers of lubricants there is an increasing risk of acquisition and use of poor-quality products. Therefore very important is the right choice of the producer of the lubricants engaged not only in mixing, but also having scientific and technical potential, and also possibility of perfection and development of new modern products and their components. Choosing good quality lubricants for large plants of various branches of industry will allow performing the process flow successfully, and provide workability of the equipment during a prolonged time span, as also promote feedstock and powering resources economy.

Makhtumov D.N.
Technology of lubricating oils production from Turkmen crudes at the Turkmenbashi Refinery
Keywords: base oils, commercial oils, production of base and commodity oils.
With acquisition of independence by Turkmenistan the task was set to the refiners, in shortest terms to organise native production of lube oils from Turkmen crudes. Long-term search for ways of lubricating oils production from domestic oils during the Soviet period has not given any positive results. Yet in days of independence with assistance of a number of European companies it became possible to solve this rather important task for the country.

Grigor’yeva N.I., Grigor’yev V.V., Kirichenko G.S.
Industrial multigrade oils of serial I-T-S...(pr) for friction units of industrial equipment
Keywords: process intensification, friction units, lubrication systems, industrial viscous oils, reliability and durability, thermo-oxidative stability, filterability.
Data on assortment of viscous oils intended for lubricating of mid- and high-loaded friction units and mechanisms of equipment for machinery construction, pulp-and-paper, metallurgical and other plants.
Industrial multigrade oils of the I-T-S...(pr) series developed by the SvNIINP OJSC do not lag behind being compared to foreign analogues (Exxon Mobil, Neste) and surpass Russian oils of the IGP series.

Pavlov I.V., Druzhinin O.A, Lazurenko A.A., Mel’chakov D.A., Baranov V.А, Tverdokhlebov V.P, Buryukin F.A.
Optimising the operation mode of technological furnaces at the Achinskiy NPZ VNK OJSC
Keywords: pipe heater, operation adjustment, furnace thermal efficiency, environmental load.
Growth of thermal energy charges has made effective and sweepingly paid back practically any energy-saving measure, which undoubtedly affects the drop of environmental stress due to a fall of harmful exhausts, and raises production safety, preventing possibility of emergency shut-downs of the equipment at the plant.

Krakhmalev S.I., Taranova N.V.
Influence of quantity and composition of soap thickener upon bearing strength of plastic greases
Keywords: plastic grease, dispersed phase, lubricant layer, bearing strength, sleeve bearing shaft-bush.
The dispersed phase of plastic grease influences the thickness of lubricating bed, pressure and velocity range in which it can provide separation of friction surfaces. Soap thickeners are being differed by influence extent on bearing strength of plastic grease, but in all cases they provide reduction of acceptable speed of its use, if compared with initial fluid.

Dunayev A.V.
Tribotechnica of moist friction
Keywords: Moist molecular-mechanical friction, adsorption, a film of greasing, epilams, nanodiamonds, serpentine.
Moist friction is provided with physical and chemical adsorption of a film of greasing, oxides of metals. Increase of hardness, reduction of superficial energy of details reduces molecular-mechanical factors of friction. It is reached also by epilam and introduction in greasing nanodiamonds and serpentines preparations.

Murygina V.P., Gladchenko M.A., Kalyuzhnyy S.V., Misatyuk E.V., Kuznetsov O.P., Misatyuk A.S., Vasu Appanna
Ways of suppression of crude oil biodegradation at storage (Part II)
Keywords: oil, hydrocarbon composition, microorganisms, vital functions, biodegradation, biocides.
The paper is devoted to observing most effective biocides preventing oil deterioration. Processes of the natural and sped-up ageing and deterioration of oil of the Urals brand are studied. In a regime least favorable for oil storage most active of mustered biocides being tested. Most effective appear to be domestic polyguanidine biocides which suppressed growth of microorganisms at a concentration of 50 mg/l.

Polyakova A.A.
From the very outset of mass-spectrometry creation of oil and petroleum products

The 80th anniversary of Yu.L. Ischuk, noted scientist in oil refining and petrochemistry

Deep processing of petroleum disperse systems. The 5th international scientific and technical conference / December 11, 2009, Gubkin oil and gas university, Moscow/
Liquid gas export from Russia and other CIS countries – 2009. The 5th international conference /December 10-11, 2009, Marriott Grand Hotel, Moscow/

International reference book of hydroequipment

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