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ACCENT of the ISSUE: fuel additives
Nikitina E.A., Pavlov D.S.
Detergent additives to motor gasoline: step-by-step development history
Keywords: quality of fuel, cars exhaust, multipurpose packages of additives, detergent additives.
Of late years the oil companies producing motor fuel try to give good consumer properties to it. With development of motor industry and toughening of ecological regulations, modern motor fuel manufacture becomes practically impossible without use of additives of different function. Complex improvement of fuel operational properties by addition of multipurpose and detergent additives becomes one of the main ways of improvement to quality and competitiveness of motor fuels.

Danilov A.M.
Domestic additives to diesel fuels
Keywords: antiwear additives, ignition promotors, depressants-dispersants.
The domestic industry has in stock additives necessary for manufacture of diesel fuels, meeting the Euro-3 and higher class requirements. The developed assortment presented by antiwear additives, promotors of ignition and depressants, and also development of works observed in paper will allow performing gradual replacement of import products in a strategically important branch of fuel manufacture.

Bocharov A.P., Levina L.A., Reznichenko I.D.
Tests and adoption of an antiwear Baikat additive, developed by AZKiOS Ltd
Keywords: antiwear additive, import analogues, test results.
To provide Russian fuel producers with domestic antiwear additives the AZKiOS Ltd together with the VNIINP OJSC has developed an additive by the name Baikat. Tests of this additive show it effectively working in diesel fuels of various origin, and its practically equivalent performance as compared to imported analogues. Diesel fuels of ANHK OJSC with Baikat additive have passed qualification tests and have been put on manufacture.

Andryukhova N.P., Yermolaev M.V, Kovalev V.A, Finelonova M.V.
The Plastneftekhim Ltd developing fuel additives
Keywords: antiwear additive, dispersant of parrafins, detergent additives.
Plastneftekhim is a research-and-production Company, its specialists engaged in development and manufacture of additives to oils and motor fuels. In paper some data on the developed additives for diesel fuels: antiwear, washing and depressant-dispersing additives are presented.

Smirnov V.K, BodryyA.B., Ponyatkova Z.Yu., Irisova K.N., Chvanova E.S.
Manufacture of aluminium hydroxide and active oxide powders using a drainless technique and mechanical properties of hydrotreatment catalysts on its basis
Keywords: control of catalysts manufacture, composition and mechanical properties of catalysts.
Data presented concerning mechanical properties of hydrotreatment catalysts synthesized with use of aluminium hydroxide powders, gained by spraying plasticizate A, deoxidated plasticizate B and their calcined versions.

Vezirov R.R, Obukhova S.A., Vezirova N.R., Telyashev E.G.
Transfer of a delayed coking unit to a soft thermal cracking (visbreaking) mode
Keywords: delayed coking unit, visbreaking, process flow design, conversion.
An alternative flow mode of delayed coking in a regime of soft thermal cracking of the oil residues sum (long residuum, asphalt, extracts) with production of gas, gasoline, light gas oil and commodity fuel oil М-100 is observed. Transferring possibility provided at any time to the basic operating mode (vacuum distillation of long residuum and coking of vacuum bottom). As a result of developed alternative implementation the combined coking has an opportunity to work in coking regime (if coke shipment is actual), and in a regime of visbreaker as well, producing light petroleum derivatives and commodity fuel oil with low remaining content of hydrogen sulphide (in the absence of coke shipment). The developed alternative allows using only the existing equipment (including that mothballed in a usual regime of coking) to essentially raise the refinery work flexibility depending on market situation change, which is very important in crisis conditions.

Murygina V.P., Gladchenko M.A., Kalyuzhnyy S.V., Misatyuk E.V., Kuznetsov O.P., Misatyuk A.S., Vasu Appanna
Ways of suppression of crude oil biodegradation at storage (Part I)
Keywords: oil, hydrocarbon composition, microorganisms, vital functions, biodegradation, biocides.
The paper is devoted to observing most effective biocides preventing oil deterioration. Processes of the natural and sped-up ageing and deterioration of oil of the Urals brand are studied. In a regime least favorable for oil storage most active of mustered biocides being tested. Most effective appear to be domestic polyguanidine biocides which suppressed growth of microorganisms at a concentration of 50 mg/l.

Risk of jet fuel contamination by biodiesel fuel (source: Petroleum Review, 2009. Translated by A.B. Bubnova)
Global downturn will narrow 2009–10 margins, utilizations for Asia-Pacific (source: Oil & Gas Journal, 2009. Translated by A.B. Bubnova)

Summary information on the market of major products of oil and gas complex of Russia in 2009

Havkin V.A, Osipov L.N.
Academician V.N. Ipat’yev and his civic consciousness
Congratulation to leading specialist in automotive applied chemistry B.M. Bunakov

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