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Danilov A.M.
Modern state of development and application of domestic fuel additives
Keywords: assortment of domestic additives, development engineers and producers of fuel additives.
The brief historical survey presented describes the basic periods of almost centenary evolution history of this direction. The assortment of domestic fuel additives created to the present time shows that foreign companies having come to the Russian market almost completely fill this market niche. However, technical safety of the country and commercial interests of Russian enterprises demand retention of leading position in the additives market.

Antonov M.L.
Processing petroleum residues at refineries of the LUKOIL group: experience and prospects
Keywords: strategy, deepening of petroleum refining, investment projects.
The LUKOIL OJSC is one of the largest international oil and gas companies; it owns seven refineries (four in Russia and three abroad) and four petrochemical plants (two in Russia and two abroad). Increase of processing depth is one of the most significant evolution directions of LUKOIL refineries. The company stipulates implementation of some investment projects, such as catalytic cracking complex, hydrocracking of heavy petroleum residue, delayed coking units, a visbreaker of vacuum residue. In article a LUKOIL specialists’ view at the evolution of domestic oil refining is presented, depending on external economic policy of the state.

Irisova K.N., Smirnov V.K., Talisman E.L.
Reaction kinetics of sulfur transformation in straight-run diesel fractions
Keywords: hydrogenation processes, diesel fraction, catalyst, nitrogen content, sulfur content, activation energy.
Results of kinetics research of hydro-upgrading process of straight-run diesel fractions, which confirms ability to get diesel fractions with sulfur content 10 ppm, using high performance catalysts and keeping fixed technological parameters needed for reactions of sulfur and nitrogen compounds transformation.

Hutoryanskiy F.M., Goyev M.M., Sergiyenko N.D., Tsvetkov A.L., Voronina N.A.
Efficiency analysis of demulsifier Hercules 1603 application by oil preparation in desalting units at the KINEF OC in 2008.
Keywords:demulsifier, oil preparation, chlorides content, water content, desalting.
Basis of oil preparation is breaking oil emulsions, as natural (crude preparation on oil fields), and synthetic (deep dehydration and desalting at the refineries). An important factor providing the process of oil preparation as at a thermal sedimentation (field preparation), and in electric field (preparation at the refineries), is application of special reagents, demulsifiers. In article the brief analysis of technical application efficiency of a demulsifier Hercules 1603 is given, by preparation of oil on desalting unit of KINEF OC in 2008, performed within service support of refinery desalting unit.

Krakhmalyov S.I., Shkol'nikov V.M., Platonova R.G.
Greases stable in severe atmospheres
Keywords: severe atmosphere, water-resistance, grease, wipe-off, temperature of greases application.
Data on composition and properties of greases stable in various severe atmospheres systematized and generalized.

Murygina V.P., Gladchenko M.A., Kalyuzhnyy S.V., Misatyuk E.V., Kuznetsov O.P., Misatyuk A.S., Vasu Appanna
Ageing of oil at storage (Part 1)
Keywords: crude oil, storage of oil, ageing of oil, microorganisms, life, biological degradation of oil.
Processes of crude oil ageing being studied on a pilot unit with cylindrical vessels simulating tanks for long-term storage of oil. Conditions of natural and forced ageing of Urals oil were observed at various storage temperatures in fixed and rotating models. Observations carried out within two years. Correlation found of active evolution of microbiological processes (first of all purposively infected) and deterioration of oil (increase in viscosity, density, change of sulfur content and percentage disproportionation of normal alkanes). At natural ageing of oil a similar regularity of evolution of microorganisms and deterioration of oil was discovered, yet a bit stretched in time.

Glagoleva O.F.
Petroleum Coke. Lecture 3. Coking feedstock
Keywords: сoking feedstock components, feed specifications, coke structure.
These series of lectures explain basic requirements to carbon coke of different use, features of different methods of a carbonisation, questions of selection and preparation of feed for getting coke with preset properties, and also a comparison of industrial production engineering of coke calcination.

Review of innovational processes of oil refining (based on materials of the Hydrocarbon Processing, China Petroleum & Petrochemical Processing Technology, Chemical Engineering, 2008. Translated by G.I. Lipkin, A.B. Bubnova)


Liquid gas export from Russia and other CIS countries. The 4th International Conference. 2009, March 3–4, Moscow
Base oils and lubricants of Russia and CIS countries. The 2nd Annual Conference. 2009, April 21–23, Moscow

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