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Mitusova T.N.
Alternate diesel fuel. Today and tomorrow
Keywords: rapeseed-methyl ether, biodiesel fuel, cetane number, dimethyl ether, lubricity.
Use of renewed energy sources grows gradually all over the world. Alternative kinds of fuels are biodiesel fuel, natural and liquified petroleum gas, dimethyl ether, and hydrogen in prospects. The world leader in manufacture and consumption of biodiesel fuel is the EU. As raw materials for biodiesel fuel manufacture serves vegetable oil (rapeseed, soya), as also animal fat production wastes.

Getinger A.Ya., Mitin I.V., Skobel’tsin A.S.
Design and manufacture of modern industrial and hydraulic oils
Keywords: industrial hydraulic oil, filterability, additives
Domestic industrial oils of the IGP type do not meet requirements of the European standard DIN 51524. Their basic deficiencies are poor functional properties and low filterability. Application of highly purified base oils with reduced tar and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons content and use of imported packages of additives allows production of industrial and hydraulic oils meeting the requirements of the European standard.

Tsvetkov O.N., Efimov B.A.
New oil for chain gears used in food industry
Keywords: automatic lubricator-dispenser, chain gears, lubricating oil.
A product of the VNII NP OJSC, lubricating oil for the system of mechanical lubricating chain gears being exposed to heating in baking ovens is presented in the article.

Bakhtin B.I., Desyatov A.V., Korba O.I., Kubyshkin A.P., Skorokhodov A.S.
Low-temperature cracking of hydrocarbons in cavitation ultrasonic fields
Keywords: low-temperature (cold) cracking, cavitation, ultrasonic (acoustical, wave) machining, ultrasonic affecting, acoustical radiation.
Parametres of ultrasonic effects providing possibility of destructive changes at processing of hydrocarbons are revealed. Laboratory experimental unit with a pass-through ultrasonic reactor using magnetostrictive emitter with an input to 5 kW has been created. It was found that ultrasonic exposure of petroleum products in the conditions of the maximum acoustical activity of cavitation leads to changes of their fractional, hydrocarbon, group and element composition. On the basis of unit operational experience an experimental technological module for processing oil feedstock up to 100 litres has been designed and constructed. In experiments with West Siberian oil it was found that as a result of ultrasonic exposure at feed temperature about 100°С the gain of diesel fractions can reach 8–9% to feed volume.

Mel’nikov V.G.
Rheology condition equations for greases
Keywords: rheology properties, structured systems, rheology, greases, effective viscosity, structural skeleton frame.
Empirical rheology condition equations used for description of consistent lubricants flow curves in a wide interval of shear rates are given. Of special interest is the mathematical derivation of flow equation for greases, considering features of their destruction, internal friction of dispersion medium and additional resistance created by elements of the destroyed structural skeleton. Practical applications of rheology condition equations for plastic greases are listed.

Murygina V.P., Gladchenko M.A., Kalyuzhnyy S.V., Misatyuk E.V., Kuznetsov O.P., Misatyuk A.S., Vasu Appanna
Ageing of oil at storage (Continuation)
Keywords: crude oil, storage of oil, ageing of oil, microorganisms, life, biological degradation of oil.
Processes of crude oil ageing being studied on a pilot unit with cylindrical vessels simulating tanks for long-term storage of oil. Conditions of natural and forced ageing of Urals oil were observed at various storage temperatures in fixed and rotating models. Observations carried out within two years. Correlation found of active evolution of microbiological processes (first of all purposively infected) and deterioration of oil (increase in viscosity, density, change of sulfur content and percentage disproportionation of normal alkanes). At natural ageing of oil a similar regularity of evolution of microorganisms and deterioration of oil was discovered, yet a bit stretched in time.

Zotov D.V., Maslennikova L.V.
Storage plants within development strategy of sea oil product terminals
Keywords: storage plant, sea terminals, economic crisis, reliability and flexibility of deliveries.
Sea terminals play a key role in transport infrastructure of hydrocarbons export. The world economic crisis has seriously affected prices change of crude oil and petroleum products. In conditions of sharp drop of oil price volumes of oil export inevitably decrease, with growing competition between the enterprises of oil export infrastructure. The enterprise can provide competitive advantages to itself by raising the level of service for exporting and importing companies.

Glagoleva O.F.
Petroleum Coke. Lecture 3. Coke calcination
These series of lectures explain basic requirements to carbon coke of different use, features of different methods of carbonisation, questions of selection and preparation of feed for getting coke with preset properties, and also a comparison of industrial production engineering of coke calcination.

Future of gas-processing plants in Russia (December 15–16, 2008). International Conference
The 6th Moscow International Chemical Summit (March 19–20, 2009)


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