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Anniversary congratulations to V.A. Havkin, deputy director of the VNII NP OJSC

Galiyev R.G., Kapustin V.M., Havkin V.A., Shuverov V.M.
The union of VNII NP and VNIPINEFT OJSC as a keystone to success of refining in Russia (to the 80-anniversary of VNIPINEFT)


Kapustin V.M.
Deep processing of hydrocarbon feed in conditions of financial crisis
Keywords: Oil companies, financial crisis, modernisation investments.
In conditions of global financial crisis the author suggests to solve a problem of global modernisation of Russian oil refining for priority refineries. Due to investments reduction, the main attention is to be concentrated on design work, and to reduce its costs it is essential to raise a role of Russian companies in modernisation projects. The author draws also attention to increase a role of the State in the Russian oil refining industry modernisation.

Chornyy Yu.I.
Functioning efficiency of vertically integrated oil companies in modern economic conditions
Keywords: the vertically-integrated oil company, the crisis factor, taxes, economy, home market, mechanisms of negative consequences abatement.
The article is a survey of basic variants of anti-crisis measures directed to elimination of vertically integrated companies functioning problems in a domestic market in conditions of global financial crisis.


Havkin V.A., Galiyev R.G., Gulyayeva L.A., Pugach I.A.
Processing the oil residues by hydrogenation
Keywords: hydrodesulphurization, de-metaling, oil residues refining, fuel oil, vacuum residue, catalyst, process conditions.
Features of residual feed hydrodesulphurisation process technology with preliminary demetalling, and basic updates of industrial process are considered. Optimum modes, material balances and basic parameters of products quality are given.

Ibragimova M.D., Azizov A.G., Sultanov S.A., Nagiyev V.A., Aliyeva S.G., Mamedov R.B.
Selective purification of diesel fuel distillate by ionic-liquid structure on the basis of ant acid and morpholine
Keywords: extraction, raffinate, aromatic hydrocarbons and sulphur content.
Prospects of use of ionic-liquid structure for diesel fuel production with improved bionomical properties meeting the ЕN 590:2004 requirements are shown.

Shkol’nikov V.M., Konakova S.A.
Technology tendencies of mineral base oils production
Keywords: base oils, production engineering, process flow diagrams, hydrogenation processes.
Base oils complying to more and more tough ecological and operational demands to lubricants can be gained only by hydrogenation processes, such as hydroconversion, hydrogen cracking, hydroisomerization, deep hydrogenation. Choice for a way to produce base oils depends, first of all, on conditions of adaptation to existing or newly created industrial object and to prevalent market condition.

Logmanova S.B., Aliev B.M., Samedova F.I., Gasanova R.Z.
Research results of hydroconversion processes of medium viscosity oil fractions of Azerbaijan crudes
Keywords: oil fraction, hydrocatalytic dewaxing, hydrotreatment, structural groups composition of oil.
Results of hydroconversion processes application for selective purification of medium viscosity oil fractions from Azerbaijan low-paraffin crudes are resulted. A combination of hydrodeparaffinisation and hydrotreatment processes in a rigid mode on industrial catalysts allows receiving base oil corresponding to marks M-8 having viscosity index 90 and high saturation grade.


Bukhtiyarova G.A., Pashigreva A.V., Klimov O.V., Noskov A.S.
Up-to-date approach to the testing of the deep hydrotreating catalysts for diesel-range distillates
Keywords: methodology of testing grained catalysts, process conditions.
The problem arising during the investigation of granulating catalysts for deep hydrotreating of diesel oil is discussed. The generation of reliable and repeatable data in the small-scale hydrotreating reactors is complicated by different factors such as pour wetting of catalysts, reactor wall effect and back mixing of liquid, which cause the axial heterogeneity of liquid velocity and feed bypassing. It is reported that the recent development of the technique, based on dilution of catalyst granule with the appropriate size of inert particles (silicon carbide) provide for the hydrodynamic characteristic identical to that in the industrial scale reactors. An attempt has been made to provide guidelines for selecting the appropriate reactor and methodology to evaluate deep hydrotreating catalysts.

Osintsev A.A., Ziganshin K.G., Teplov V.M., Ponjaev L.A., Yanbaev S.P., Myltsyn A.V., Frolov A.I., Ziganshin G.K.
Increase of efficiency of lube-oil production due to improvements of extraction processes
Keywords: selective cleaning of oils, deasphaltization of vacuum residue, petroleum oil, raffinate, base oil, extraction, process flow diagrams, effective mass transfer, regular packing.
The article presents a comprehensive approach to an increase of efficiency of large-capacity lube-oil productions of petroleum refineries, namely, to a decrease of power consumption, to an increase of yield of target product and its quality. The approach consists in improvements of technology and devices of the liquid extraction process, the key process for lube-oil production. The article gives examples of performed projects, shows achieved results on improvements of technical and economic indices of technological units.


Glagoleva O.F.
Petroleum Coke. Lecture 1: Application range. Main properties


Anniversary congratulations to G.I.LIPKIN, chief language officer of VNII NP OJSC
Review of innovational processes of oil refining (based on materials of Petroleum Technology Quarterly, 2008. Translated by Lipkin G.I.)


IV International scientific and technical conference by the name Deep processing of oil disperse systems
International conference Future of gas-processing plants in Russia


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