Process flow diagram of Slavneft-YANOS PJSC

DOI: 10.32758/2071-5951-2021-0-4-13-19


Karpov N.V.1, Vakhromov N. N.1, Dutlov E. V1., Bubnov M. A.1, Gudkevich I. V.,1 Kapustin V. M. 2, Chernysheva E. A. 2,Tarasov A.V. 3, 
(1 SLAVNEFT-YANOS PJSC, YAROSLAVL, 2Gubkin Russian state University of oil and Gas, Moscow;  3 Yaroslavl state technical University, Yaroslavl).

Технологическая схема ПАО «Славнефть-ЯНОС»

Keywords: oil refinery, process chain, oil products, atmospheric distillation, refining depth, hydrodemercaptanization, separate processing of diesel fuel, cracking, hydro processes, octane number, dewaxing.
Abstract. Novo-Yaroslavl oil refinery – now Slavneft -YANOS PJSC was commissioned in 1961, and since then has been one of the largest in russia, processing more than 15 million tons of crude oil per year. The company employs about 3000 people, including a large number of highly qualified specialists. The process of improving the process flow diagram for petroleum products production is ongoing, unique technological solutions and new processes are being introduced.

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