The study of the qualities of light and oil fractions of Azeri oil

DOI: 10.32758/2071-5951-2021-0-2-28-31

УДК 621.892,099,6;621.892;665.1

Mukhtarova G.S., Abdullayeva Yu.A., Hasanova R.Z., Logmanova S.B., Kafarova N.F.

(Institute of Petrochemical Processes named after Academician Y. G. Mamedaliyev of the National Academy of Sciences of Azerbaijan, Baky) E-mail:

Исследование качеств светлых и масляных фракций нефти Азери

Keywords: Azeri Light oil, light fractions, oil fractions, marketing oils, sulfur content, density.

Abstract. The article provides research on the qualities of Azeri oil and its light and oil fractions. A characteristic feature of Azeri oil is its high content of light fractions. This oil is light, low-sulfur, and paraffinic. Azeri oil in terms of density, sulfur content, content of light (light) fractions corresponds to marketing grades of oils and is called Azeri Light. Along with light fractions, Azeri Light oil contains up to 30-32% of oil fractions boiling above 350°C. Studies of 50°C oil fractions 350-500°C showed that the viscosity of the fractions at 100°C is in the range of 2.5-10.2 mm2/s, the viscosity index is 72-79.3, and the pour point is 12-36°С, potential content of base oils — 25.73%, their hydrocarbon composition, %: n-paraffinic oils — 50.7; isoparaffinic + naphthenic — 10.67; aromatic — 8.94%. Using traditional methods of purification using a selective solvent, followed by dewaxing and hydrotreating, from 50°C oil fractions of Azeri oil, base oils with a viscosity of 4.2-9.0 mm2/s at 100°C and a viscosity index of 91.0 can be obtained — 95.8, pour point minus 15°С / minus 20°С. By cleaning a wide oil fraction of 350-500°C, it is possible to obtain a base oil with a viscosity at 100 C of 6.5 mm2/s (SAE 20), a viscosity index of 95, a pour point of minus 15°C, an oil yield (350-500°C) is 20.3% for distillate (12.4% for oil). In terms of saturated hydrocarbons content (≥90%, sulfur content less than 0.03%), viscosity index > 90, the oil has good antioxidant properties and can be assigned to API group II.